A future for building that will bring you joy.

While tomorrow has not yet arrived, our dreams have. So let’s make them a reality – with modular construction.

Cadolto is the world’s leading specialist in the design of complex, technically sophisticated buildings using modular construction techniques. In other words, we specialise in the impossible. We build clinics where they could not be built by conventional means. We realise major construction projects in time frames that others need just for planning. We think in a modular fashion – and work efficiently.

Our work takes us across the globe, and yet we have remained true to our roots: Progress has always been part of our tradition. For over 125 years, we have worked at building the future, and are now in our fifth generation, working together with approximately 300 employees at two production sites and sales locations in seven countries.

We have always followed our own path – that of pioneers. We build in modules and are happy to do so. We believe that the world can be changed with good ideas, because “tomorrow” is whatever you make it with our help: modular buildings that are complete before they are erected. Forward-looking, customised, exclusive.

Adres Dorpsstraat 8a, 4181 BN Waardenburg